Vision Three

A selection of projects I have worked on at VisionThree.


Created a 3D City for Stanley Security App. Built in Unity for large touch screens used in trade shows and also on iPad for their sales reps.

Concept render of Retail floor plan and pins.

Concept render of the city.

Concept render of Healthcare Industry selection.

An educational animation created for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to show the life and death of Leonardo the Dinosaur Mummy.

The actual Leonardo dinosaur fossil on display at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

An early render and walk test after rigging the Leonardo model.

Car demo app we created to showcase 3D and interactive real time capabilities in Unity. The high poly car needed to be optimized to run well but maintain high visual quality.

A selection of stills I created while exploring lighting & rendering with Vray for Maya.

Day time.

Night time.

TV lighting.


Test render for a medical animation.

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